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  • Sport and Stuff!
    Sport and Stuff!
    3rd June 2016 by
    Capturing the action shot – the buffed face, the flexed muscles or the perfect dive; it’s not easy because it happens so fast but when it works, it looks great. All hope is not lost however; the sporty image can come in all shapes and sizes. Some are of his speed and power, others are just of him in various situations.  Some are magical, some exude his personality and more are just really sad. Ali was such an iconic sportsman however that they all have one thing  in common, they are all sporting images.       I have few enough photographs of my own time playing sports but […]...
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  • Post Cards
    Post Cards
    25th May 2016 by
    Today I am in the process of choosing 15 images to feature on my new Greeting Card Packs. Its a bit like selecting one child over another; not easy when you love them all equally! I sell most of my cards in my own front hall as it happens. I have a small B&B, Moy River, and the cards are a great hit with departing guests who want a little piece of Sligo to take away with them. For that reason, I am continuing to feature images of Cloonacool and the wider Sligo area. Most of my images are captured in my own […]...
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  • Sligo - A Miniature Scotland
    Sligo – A Miniature Scotland
    11th May 2016 by
    I often think County Sligo has it all; sandy beaches and rugged mountains, sparkling rivers and wildflower bog lands – its a bit like a mini Scotland. We may not have the Highlands but we have less midges! Sligo is the perfect location for outdoor photography. Even the weather, which is not always the best, adds to possibilities when it comes to taking photographs. There is still wilderness in many party of rural Sligo. On any given day, you can be lost in nature in less than 60 minutes. The Ox Mountains in South Sligo and the Dartry Mountains in North Sligo […]...
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  • Ocean Atmospherics
    Ocean Atmospherics
    5th May 2016 by
    I am not quite sure what it is about the ocean that intrigues us; the sound, the movement, the colour or could it be the danger? Very likely it is all of these. Whatever the fascination, it is undeniable.      The first time I ever saw the sea was at Strandhill when I was about 6 years of age. It seemed so vast; beach, sea and sky. We have lots of coastline here in Sligo and on the right day none of it is very far away. For a photographer, there are a million opportunities but also a few odd paradoxes to uncover. For […]...
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  • Old Railways, New Tracks!
    Old Railways, New Tracks!
    21st April 2016 by
    I take most of the images used by Sligo Greenway Co-op in connection with their website and media activity. I do this for a few reasons; I love walking and cycling, I do hope that our local disused railway will be made into a greenway some day but most of all, it gets me out in nature with my camera. The romance of the railway era is still to be found along the tracks, even though they are now disused and overgrown. The line and its tired sleepers, the old station houses, the bridges and the culverts are all still there. […]...
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  • Captain's Blog!
    Captain’s Blog!
    20th April 2016 by
    Day 1 on the Star Ship Enterprise! I am not a Star Trek fan… it was just going that way. However, I am on a new ship and this is a new dawn. This website is a work in progress at present but in a few weeks it will be up and running and hopefully, doing business.  The photography itself is not new to me; I have been taking photographs since I was seventeen – I have been practicing for over 35 years. As I make the move into the professional side of the business, I will always reserve a part of […]...
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